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Give Your Kids An
Advantage In Life

We Give Quality Instruction That
Produces A Genuine Skill Level
For Kids 3-13 In Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu & MMA

Our Courses Develop Genuine
Confidence, Discipline, Focus
Resolve & Self Respect

Over 21 Years Of Experience With Two
BJJ Black Belts Certified By Rickson Gracie

The Dauntless Chief Instructors Allen & Maribeth Sachetti have been teaching children BJJ & MMA now for over 21 years.

They do not just play games with kids but actually develop in them effective skills and conditioning through an in depth curriculum of many levels of technique.

With the Sachetti’s kids get real, practical self defense skills while at the same time they imporve their character.


Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jtsu


The Dauntless Kids Basic BJJ Course is a masterpiece of sound fundamentals leading into more intricate technique.

Stand Up, Mount, Guard, Cross Body And Back Positions are all taught from both the Offensive and Defensive or Counter Offensive perspective.

Children develop a unique sensitivity and technique base to deal with all kinds of violence. This gives them an enormous inner strength to conquer bullies sometimes without even having to put hands on them.

From the basics Dauntless then offers Children more advanced BJJ courses that develop an even higher skill level and better conditioning for performance in National & World Tournaments.

Kids Mixed Martial Arts

Teaching Kids MMA is a challenge that Dauntless Martial Arts takes very seriously.

We Enable Kids serious skills in Stand Up, Clinchwork & Ground with techniques from Boxing, Muay Thai, Dumpag, Wrestling and BJJ while at the same time teaching them Self Respect, Humility and Honor.

The Dauntless Kids Basic MMA Course develops skills in movement, striking, base, throws, takedowns, ground position submissions and escapes.

In our MMA course we see kids gaining a strong resolve as they learn to persevere when things are tough to obtain their goal through dilligent, consistent effort and sincere mental focus.


* Confidence * Discipline * Focus *
* Resolve * Self Respect *


Dauntless Martial Arts

13 Prestbury Square, Newark DE. 19713

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