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Dauntless MMA Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti has spent an uncompromising life in the pursuit of Excellence in BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, Filipino Dumpag and other Martial Arts to refine a very unique MMA Game

He now offers at Dauntless two unique MMA Courses in MMA Total Strike (Mon & Wed at 7-8PM) and MMA Clinch & Ground (Mon & Wed at 8-9PM) .

Both of these MMA Courses are taught on Monday and Wednesday nights for those who want to become fighters, get really fit or just enjoy doing MMA. Those who excel can be invited to join our Fight Team and compete in Amateur competition.


Since 1998 We Have Produced The Most MMA
Fighters In Delaware With The Most Wins


That is NOT Luck. Our Chief Instructor Mr. Allen J. Sachetti is a BJJ Black Certified By Rickson Gracie & Luiz Palhares, An Expert Striker in Boxing, Muay Thai and in the Unique Elbows, Knees & Kicks of Dumpag, A Master Grappler in both Grecco Roman & Free Style Wrestling and A Full Dumpaguerro in the rare art of Pekiti-Tirsia Dumpag.

He competed undefeated in MMA when it was called NHB with very little rules allowing head butts, knees, elbows, most strikes & submission locks. Then in 1998 Mr. Sachetti won the World Submission Stick Fighting Championship. (Seen to left in gold).

His practical experiences led to his increased pursuit of MMA to develop an amazingly effective curriculum and training regiment that will enable you the Highest Skill Level And Conditioning for MMA Stand Up, Clinch Work & Ground.

So How Will You Learn?

MMA Total Strike

MMA Total Strike first develops a Base & Movement that shuts down even World Class Wrestlers, to then enable you to deliver power punches, elbows, knees & kicks and amazing counter offenses that really give you an advantage.

To Attack with Strikes is much more than just being good at hitting, You will learn how to find and create openings, how to fake, redirect and make your opponent miss to hit him when he does not expect it.

Counter Offense is very different than Defense and this one thing that is very different in our MMA Game. Counter Offense literally “Attacks The Attack” disabling the incoming strike or grappling attempt as it allows you also to counter strike.

Anti-Wrestling is a very unique area of development by Mr. Sachetti and a big part of his MMA Total Strike Course. It allows his fighters to destroy shoots and clinches to create opportunities for their striking to continue.


MMA Clinch

Here you will learn first, how to adhere to and control your opponent, To respond to his energy to keep your base while at the same time you are constantly disturbing his. Next there are Compression Strikes, Standing Submissions, Flying Submissions, Throws And Take Downs.

All of these you will master to do in fluid conjunction with each other depending on what energy your opponent gives you to always capitalize on whatever opportunity you have.

Many MMA fights can be turned and won from the Clinch if you know what you are doing and you are good at it. The Dauntless MMA Clinch & Ground Course is all about this. Mr. Sachetti takes into far greater depth and detail to develop your sensitivity in the Clinch to read your opponents intentions and react correctly to take the advantage.

MMA Ground

On the top you will learn how to “Destroy The Guard & 1/2 Guard” to pass and dominate your opponent from the Cross Body, Mount, Back & Turtle. Here you will be able to deliver devastating “Ground & Pound” but also master sensitivity to keep control of the postion, counter his escapes and execute precise submissions.

On the bottom you will learn first how to avoid and escape bad positions. You do NOT want to be on the bottom of ground & pound. Next you will learn our Unique MMA Guard to seize your opponent to deliver strikes, catch submissions, sweeps or come out from the Guard into a standing Base.




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MMA Instruction & Live Fights


From Dauntless Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti

See Some Dauntless Fighters Trained By Mr. Sachetti

Here Mr. Sachetti’s fighter Dustin Alexander fights for his 3rd time as a Blue Belt against a BJJ Purple Belt and Thai Boxing Instructor from Ground Control. An all out war and was a great fight from both men. Dustin wins in the end but it took doing the right thing against every attack. This 3rd round fight is a very good example of Mr. Sachetti’s MMA Teaching showing great striking, an amazing shoot counter and flowing ground domination.

In 2010 one of Mr. Sachetti’s fighters Bob Ruby (Blue Trunks) fought in MMA for his first time at Dauntless MMA in Smyrna, Delaware against a fighter from Delaware Combat Sports. Notice how his hands are up for most of the fight in a good guard, his movement, his shoot counters and excellent striking.

Here Mr. Sachetti’s fighter Dustin Alexander wins his 2nd fight with a very skillful set up from Stand Up to Taking the Back to Submission. This fight was in Virginia where True MMA is allowed with full sanction rules. That means they fight just like the UFC with Elbows, Knees. Ground & Pound and most Submissions.

Back in 2009 this MMA fight was held at Dauntless MMA in Smyrna Delaware with Full Sanction MMA rules before the current Delaware legislation. Mr. Sacehtti’s fighter Chris is in the Grey Shorts, it was fight his first MMA fight against a 6-0 fighter from Ohio. These were the last MMA fights in Delaware before new legislation changed the rules.

Another fight between a Dauntless MMA Fighter Ed Krosel and a Delaware Combat Sports fighter. The Dauntless MMA Fighter of Mr. Sachetti’s had trained with him for only 8 months and this was his first MMA fight. He did very well, good stand up, takedowns, excellent ground control and he finished with Great Muay Thai Knees to the body to get a TKO at the end. Rare to see a fight won with Knees to the body but he did.

Here another Dauntless MMA Fighter (Jeremy Preston) beats another Delaware Combat Sports Figther. Jeremy had trained with Mr. Sachetti here for only 4 months at the time and was a White Belt in BJJ. I was told he was fighting a Black Belt from Delaware Combat Sports but it took him only 2 rounds to finish this fighter by following the game plan of Mr. Sachetti.

Here a more experienced fighter of Mr. Sachetti’s Jeremy Clyburn fought after 2 years of training and it was a good thing. He fought a tough big competitor who snapped on a very good guillotine, but Jeremy executed a text book Guilotine Escape that he actually worked in with Mr. Sachetti only a week before the fight. An excellent fight to the finish, watch for yourself.

This was the first fight for another fighter of Mr. Sachetti’s back in 2010. Here for the first time we see the Dumpag Neck Manipulation used against a good wrestler pressing his opponent against the cage. The Dumpag Neck Manipulation completely turned around his opponent to give him the back, Take a look.

This was the 2nd fight for Mr. Sachetti’s MMA Fighter Ed Krosel. A great 3 round fight with Mr. Sachetti’s fighter dominating in Stand Up, Clinch Work and Ground. This fight was in Harrington, Delaware. He won by unanimous decision.

Here one of Mr. Sachetti’s Andrew Riley (with the Marine Tatoo) fighters takes his second MMA fight after only 8 monhts of training with Mr. Sachetti. He fights a Primal MMA Fighter from Delaware. This fight was held at Dauntless MMA in Smyrna Delaware in 2010.

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